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Are you struggling to make your video meetings productive, engaging and enjoyable?

Konektis.org have developed a cure for online meeting fatigue 

By introducing Video Meeting Signals (VMS™) alongside Video Meeting Values (VMV™)  you can transform online meetings or seminars, increasing productivity, engagement and wellbeing.

What we offer

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meetings -

for one team 


meetings -

whole organisation


meeting/seminar leader skills


Better meetings - for one team

Programme comprises: 

  1. assessment of key issues and team survey

  2. agree goals - for example, 20% shorter but better meetings; increased participation

  3. workshop to learn and practice VMS, then use immediately in meetings

  4. workshop to agree and commit to new meeting values and behaviours (VMV) 

  5. online learning materials before, during, and after the programme

  6. review and reinforcement


  1. improved engagement and connection in meetings - from the first workshop

  2. more productive, effective meetings - often shorter meetings or less meetings

  3. improved team leader skills and confidence in running video meetings

  4. increased wellbeing and more enjoyment


Better meetings - for your whole organisation

​Implementing better meetings for all of the teams in your organisation as a planned change programme. Similar steps to better meetings for one team, but different delivery options: 

  1. train the trainer approach, using your trainers/team leaders

  2. use of larger webinar or Town Hall events; fewer workshops

  3. more online learning - Konektis hosted or on your LMS


  1. better meetings across the whole organisation

  2. improved engagement and connection 

  3. business efficiencies - shorter meetings or fewer meetings

  4. improved team leader skills and confidence

  5. increased wellbeing and remote worker engagement


Team/seminar leaders' meeting skills development 

An in-depth programme for team leaders, seminar leaders and meeting chairs


Programme 1: For emerging leaders

Programme 2: Become a master of meeting design and facilitation

Programme 3: Programme for lecturers/teachers/seminar leaders


Work in groups with other team leaders to learn new tools and techniques and practice advanced meeting facilitation skills which you can immediately apply to your own meetings. Includes an online meeting facilitation toolkit and  'clinic/coaching' sessions to focus on particular problems participants encounter in their meetings.   


The business case - poor meetings are expensive meetings


Where are you on the Zoom - Doom scale now? If you're not near the top you are in the majority! A  Blind  poll found that only one in five Zoom meeting attendees were actively listening and providing live feedback.

This is very costly for your business, but it is not too late to turn Zoom fatigue into Zoom energy.

We are always amazed at how much time is spent in meetings and how relatively little time is spent working on making them more effective.  Meetings are resource hungry, so they need to be good! 


The maths: If a team of 10 people, at an average full employment cost of £30,000, spend 2 hours a day in meetings, the annual spend is over £80,000.  About 2.7 full time employees. 


The benefits of improving: If you could make the meetings just 20% more effective your annual saving is £16,000.  You could choose to spend less time in meetings or use the extra time for more value-added activities. 

You will also get huge secondary benefits of greater team member satisfaction, increased morale and higher employee energy from NOT holding meetings that drain people and that everyone knows are       


Most importantly the chances of achieving your goals will increase.

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