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We work with teams to help them have more inclusive and productive meetings and build stronger relationships.  We start with meetings, as so much team time is spent in meetings. We begin by introducing team chairing and passing (TCP) and video meeting signals (VMS) alongside eight meeting behaviours we ask the team to adopt and try out for five meetings.    

What are signs

Scroll over each video meeting signal to see its meaning

Team Chairing and Passing


I want to speak

This sign is inspired by lifeguards who will use this sign to attract attention.  Use it boldly so others on the call can see you.

A build.jpg

I would like to build on that

Don't understand.jpg

I don’t understand

I need clarification

This sign is inspired by

Laurel and Hardy!

Different point of view-1.jpg

I'd like to offer a different point of view

Useful in a discussion about different options. It's OK to offer different perspectives in the spirit of constructive debate

Showing connection and emotion

Thumbs up-1.jpg


I’m OK with that

I agree

A clap.jpg



I connect.jpg

I connect with what you have said because I have had a similar experience

I feel for you.jpg

I feel for you

Hand still

Thumbs down.jpg


I’m not OK

I disagree

Good luck.jpg

Good luck

Let's hope so

Not sure.jpg

I’m not sure

Hands wobbling


Goodbye friend

I connect with you

Meeting Management

Cant hear.jpg

You are too quiet

Sometimes I have used this sign when in fact the problem is at my end – I have turned my volume down to zero!  So if you are the only one making this sign, check it’s not you!


15 seconds left

(or whatever is agreed)


Summarise your point

Come to a conclusion

Make 2 circles with your hand

(top to bottom, bottom to top)

speed up.jpg

Speed up, please

Both hands rolling very fast

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