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The business case

Take a look at our Zoom - Doom scale.  Any bells ringing?  It's not just our experience that most online meetings could be hugely improved, a Blind  poll found that only one in five Zoom meeting attendees were actively listening and providing live feedback.


Even the most hardened businesses have discovered that meetings without real human connection and emotion are draining and sub-optimal.  Negative Zoom experiences can lead to a vicious circle of interaction.  The great news is that just by using Video Meeting Signals and Video Meeting Values you can achieve much greater team member satisfaction, increased wellbeing and higher employee energy. The chances of achieving your goals will increase.

'You often hear people complain about Zoom meetings, but I look forward to ours.  When I have attended Zoom meetings where the signs are not used, I find myself desperate to teach them to everybody - they just do not run as smoothly and people are hesitant to speak in case they interrupt someone else.  Using the signs taught to us by Paul has energised our meetings and enables us to communicate without frustration.  We also use some of the signs when training school staff using Zoom and we find that they really help people to feel comfortable to contribute.' 

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We are always amazed at how much time is spent in meetings and how relatively little time is spent working on making them more effective.  Meetings are resource hungry, so they need to be good! 


The maths: If a team of 10 people, at an average full employment cost of £30,000, spend 2 hours a day in meetings, the annual spend is over £80,000.  About 2.7 full time employees. 


The benefits of improving: If you could make the meetings just 20% more effective your annual saving is £16,000.  You could choose to spend less time in meetings or use the extra time for more value-added activities.


It is very costly for your business to be running ineffective meetings, but it is not too late to turn Zoom fatigue into Zoom energy.

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