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Konektis approach to better online meetings

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

We help teams with a six phase approach to making their meetings more productive, engaging, inclusive and better for wellbeing:


1. Learn Video Meeting Signals (VMS) - to enable meeting participants to communicate and engage more effectively

2. Master team chairing and passing to ensure a free flow of conversation and more inclusivity

3. Agree some Video Meeting Values (VMV) to help break common bad habits which include too much multitasking and turning your video off. We have developed 5 values for better online meetings:

4. Improve meeting facilitation skills - building team leader confidence and skills at preparing for and facilitating online meetings and learning to use our online meeting facilitation toolkit

5. Understand different meeting types and how best to run different meetings.

6. Meeting toolkit: explore, test out and introduce a range of tools, techniques, ice-breakers and apps that can bring your meetings to life and increase engagement, interest and creativity.

Our programme for team members covers Video meeting signals (VMS) and Video meeting values (VMV) and looks at roles everyone can play in making team meetings more engaging and productive. We also look at personal wellbeing, resilience, working effectively from home, self management, personal presence, giving and receiving feedback and handling conflict.



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