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Konektis were the first in the UK, and possibly globally, to recognise the need for a new way of communicating during video meetings that effectively combined the use of signs and active body language with the spoken word. We developed Video Meeting Signals (VMS) and Team Chairing and Passing (TCP) to enable this.  

Who we are
Image by Gabriel Benois

Our Mission

To help everyone have better,

more engaging

video and hybrid meetings.

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Our Values

Connected - with ourselves, with each other, with nature, with the present moment

Honesty and integrity - we stand by what we say, we do what we promise

Unafraid - to try things out, to explore, to fail, to learn, to be wrong

Kind - to ourselves, to each other; we forgive, we inspire

Joyful - we are grateful, compassionate, we smile, we laugh, we cry

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Paul Hills

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Video Meeting Signals were devised by Paul Hills, an expert in online meetings, leadership and team development.  He has over 30 years' experience working with over 200 client organisations.  He is an experienced event facilitator and coach, Honorary Research Fellow at UCL and FRSA. To find out more about Paul's publications, visit ResearchGate



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