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Development programmes for leaders and teams





Better online meetings - for one team

Programme comprises: 

  1. Assessment of key issues and team survey

  2. Agree goals - for example, 20% shorter but better meetings; increased participation

  3. Workshop to learn and practice VMS, then use immediately in meetings

  4. Workshop to agree and commit to new meeting values and behaviours (VMV) 

  5. Online learning materials before, during, and after the programme

  6. Review and reinforcement


  1. Improved engagement and connection in meetings - from the first workshop

  2. More productive, effective meetings - often shorter meetings or less meetings

  3. Improved team leader skills and confidence in running video meetings

  4. Increased wellbeing and more enjoyment


Better online meetings - for your whole organisation

​Implementing better meetings for all of the teams in your organisation as a planned change programme. Similar steps to better meetings for one team, but different delivery options: 

  1. Train the trainer approach, using your trainers/team leaders

  2. Use of larger webinar or Town Hall events; fewer workshops

  3. More online learning - Konektis hosted or on your LMS


  1. Better online meetings across the whole organisation

  2. Improved engagement and connection 

  3. Business efficiencies - shorter meetings or fewer meetings

  4. Improved team leader skills and confidence

  5. Increased wellbeing and remote worker engagement

On a Video Call

Development programmes for leaders and teams

In-depth programmes for team leaders, seminar leaders and meeting chairs

Programme 1: For emerging leaders -  how to run great meetings 

Programme 2: For experienced leaders - become a master of meeting design and facilitation

Programme 3: For lecturers/teachers/seminar leaders - engaging students, better seminars

Programme 4: Team development - developing increased connection and well being


Work in groups with other team leaders to learn new tools and techniques and practice advanced meeting facilitation skills which you can immediately apply to your own meetings. Includes an online meeting facilitation toolkit and  'clinic/coaching' sessions to focus on particular problems participants encounter in their meetings.   


Meetings Audit

A review of the current state of meetings in your organisation and recommendations for improvement.  A simple report that will give you:

an overview of how effective your meetings are

a priority list of improvement areas

a mechanism for on-going improvement and measurement. 

The audit involves:

an analysis of your meetings data

sampling of actual meetings 

analysis of any existing meetings data/survey data you have 

additional sample surveys and/or focus groups as required

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