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Overcoming classroom Zoom fatigue

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Elizabeth Stone Inside Higher Ed 19 August 2020

Elizabeth Stone shares the strategies she used to transform her recent Zoom class into one of the most gratifying teaching experiences she'd ever had

. Our view on Elizabeth's article

This is a wonderful article by an inspiring caring academic who is clearly making a big effort to give her students an engaging learning experience despite Zoom. Really good practical tips and innovations. This is my favourite part, a good lesson to us all in business too:

'Take notes on what they tell you about themselves. During our chat, I jotted down what they said about their majors, hobbies, pets, hometowns or countries of origin, and when the actual class began, I alluded to that information when I could. I hoped it would make them feel recognized and would help others to know them, as well.'

When I look back, the lecturers and teachers I valued the most were those who seemed to care about me, and my learning and recoginsed me. Great job, Professor Stone and thank you.



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